What we offer


GiantLeaps calculates the impact of the food you serve. Either per dish on your menu, or through an analysis of the products you purchase. Using Life Cycle Assessment we provide clear information on the impact of the choices you make. 

GiantLeaps Impact Calculation Tool

The GiantLeaps Impact Calculation Tool is an automated tool that helps restaurants to measure and manage their climate impact. It gives insight in which products contribute the most, how you score compared to similar restaurants and help measure your progress whilst implementing climate friendly measures.

Recipe Optimization and Sustainability Advice

Tailored to your specific event, restaurant or menu. We use our sustainability knowledge and LCA research to help you create an experience for your guests that is both delicious and sustainable. Together we explore which sustainability factors have your focus and back up the change in impact with quantified results.

We help you to communicate your impact to stakeholders, set up challenges for your guests, develop a sustainable friendly purchasing strategy or to start compensating through a CO2 compensation scheme.

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