Our Vision


Climate Friendly as the logical choice

Food should always bring fulfillment and happiness to every person involved along the food chain. However, since the global food industry is responsible for a third of all greenhouse gases produced, this might not be the case any more in the near future.  

At GiantLeaps, we believe that every individual has a daily chance to reduce their environmental footprint. Either through the food that they eat or food they deliver to someone else. We’re no fan of pretentious do-gooders, but feel that everybody has the capability to make a daily impact.

We help caterers and restaurants in building their capabilities of offering sustainable food. By using our expertise and the GiantLeaps Impact Tool we quantify the impact of  food, offer insight into what logical sustainable product and menu choices could be and help engaging guests and customers on your sustainability journey. 

“The daily choice for more sustainable products might seem like a baby step but, when done repeatedly, leads to GiantLeaps.”   Laura Heerema, Founder