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The GiantLeaps Impact Tool

The GiantLeaps Impact Tool is an automated tool that helps caterers and restaurants to measure and manage their environmental footprint. The tool calculates the climate impact of food products you serve through an analysis of the products you use. Our GiantLeaps Impact Tool shows you which products have the highest impact, your results compared to other restaurants and measure your progress when implementing solutions to reduce your footprint. 

The calculation of your footprint is done through an LCA analysis. The results are categorized in four easy to understand topics: locality and transport, seasonality, waste and a detailed analysis per product category. This way you get insight into what climate friendly food entails and how you can make your food choices more sustainable. 

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Find out how your food choice matters

Change your Impact

We can reduce your footprint by measuring your food choice on our 5-point scale and co-design more sustainable menu items. Get in touch with us for more information about our services.

Climate Friendly Food consultancy

We understand that offering more climate friendly food is a challenge for many caterers and restaurants. Therefore, we offer our knowledge and expertise to help you create an experience for your guest that is delicious as well as climate friendly. As Climate Friendly Food consultant, we are able to analyse the footprint of your food, co-define where you can have an impact, advise you about recipes and measure your results with our impact tool. Besides recipe optimisation, we are also experts in stakeholder involvement that can help you in your challenge to make sustainable food the logical choice. We know how to involve your stakeholders to take part in your challenge through for example guest challenges, developing sustainable purchasing strategies or offering advise about a CO2 compensation scheme.

Way of working

Our calculation of your footprint is based on a Life Cycle Analysis of the ingredients you use. The calculation that is used to indicate the footprint is developed through thorough scientific research and using reliable databases.

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Sustainability workshops and training

We want you to become the expert on food and sustainability. Therefore, we have developed creative workshops and training material that give you the tools to immediately start reducing your impact. We have workshops specifically for food professionals as well as food enthusiasts who want to gain more knowledge on how to make a positive impact. 

After joining our workshop, you get a copy of our handbook including a 5 step do-it-yourself plan towards more sustainable food.

Do you want to learn more about sustainable food or do think that your employers, employees and/or students should be educated on this topic? Contact us for more information about our workshops!

Enhance your sustainability knowledge

Enhance your sustainability knowledge

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